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Success Stories - AXS Guard

Streamlining RMA and Repair Operations

About AXS Guard

AXS Guard is a company that provides cybersecurity solutions, primarily focusing on securing internet connections and networks for businesses. Their products typically include firewall protection, VPN services, secure gateways, and intrusion detection systems. These solutions are designed to protect organizational networks from external threats, ensure secure remote access, and manage internet traffic and user access effectively. The goal is to offer robust security measures that are easy to manage, allowing businesses to maintain their focus on core operations while ensuring their digital assets are protected.

ForgeFlow's Journey with AXS Guard

ForgeFlow started working with AXS Guard in 2022, and since then has assisted the cybersecurity company to streamline the company's Contract Management, Return Merchandise Authorization and Repair processes using Odoo.

Return Merchandise Authorization

A return merchandise authorization (RMA) is a part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement, or repair to which buyer and seller agree during the product's warranty period.

ForgeFlow has created a set of apps to handle the RMA processes in Odoo, that have been adopted by AXS Guard.

See the following RMA and repairs related videos:

Our Shared Story

Get to know more about the AXS Guard and how ForgeFlow has helped this company from the testimonial of Alex Ongena, Chief Executive Officer.


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