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From Demand Planning to Supply Planning

In this Odoo Experience 2023 talk we'll review the steps towards an efficient supply plan and how Odoo can assist and help. Lois Rilo will start the journey at demand planning by describing the best practices and some of the most common errors when dealing with product sales forecasts. The next step is stock planning and having a correct and controlled amount of inventory. The last step will be supply planning, which will give us our supply picture in the mid term allowing us to make good decisions and enabling our suppliers to be better suppliers.


OCA basics and how to contribute

Guillem Casassas and Bernat Puig describe the basics on how to contribute to the Odoo Community Association.


Good practices for OCA developers (V15)

Part of the ForgeFlow team; Joan Mateu, Guillem Casassas and Bernat Puig, hold a masterclass to teach the best practices in Odoo V15 development and how to correctly contribute to the OCA repositories. (Video in Spanish)


Unleashing Odoo in the Crypto world. Microsoft is already there, what are you waiting for?

How can Cryptos be used within Odoo to expand your trading possibilities? Adrià Gil explains it to us during the Odoo Experience 2021.


Keys to convert your business into a connected company

This talk is for anyone who wants to use time series and machine learning techniques to forecast in Odoo. Presented by Núria Xifré at the Odoo Experience 2021.


Demand Driven Freight Optimization

Lois Rilo introduces DDMRP with an introduction and demonstration of ForgeFlow's implementation of this load optimization scheme in Odoo. The presentation was at the Odoo Experience 2021.


Claves para convertir tu negocio en una empresa conectada (ES)

Jordi Ballester shows us the essential key aspects in the connection of your network of clients and suppliers, their levels of integration and the optimal flow of information during the Odoo 2020 Conference.


Refactoring of OCA financial reports

Financial Reports are vital for management to make decisions about the future of the company, providing information on the company's profitability and financial stability. Joan Sisquella presented this talk during the OCA Days 2020.


Shopinvader for serious eCommerce

Héctor Villarreal shares our experience using ShopInvader during OCA Days 2020.


Automated Inventory Valuation - Tips and Tricks

Aarón Henríquez presented at Odoo Experience 2020 the automated inventory valuation. A powerful tool that we can use in Odoo.


Transition from a cost to a flow-centric organization

Organizations need information systems that can guide them and help managers make the right decisions to achieve business goals. Jordi Ballester presented this talk at the Odoo Experience 2020.


Earned Value Management

Adrià Gil presented at Odoo Experience 2019 the benefits of applying the Earned Value Management Technique in Project Management.


Improve your inventory accuracy with a cycle counting program

Jordi Ballester presented at Odoo Connect 2019 in San Francisco a talk on how to implement a cycle counting program using Odoo.


Become Demand Driven with DDMRP

In this talk presented at Odoo Connect 2019 in San Francisco, Jordi Ballester explains how this methodology will allow you to understand the basic concepts of Demand Driven MRP and how they are applied in Odoo.


Purchase Requests: Advanced Purchasing Made Easy

In Odoo Purchase Request app, from the perspective of the requesting user, it is very easy to know when the purchase of the requested products is started and when the products are received. Aarón Henríquez presented this Talk at Odoo Experience 2019.


Tier Validation Workflows

In this talk by Lois Rilo at Odoo Experience 2019, you will learn what Tier Validation Workflows are, why they are important and useful, and how to implement them in your company.


MIS Builder for the Financial Analysis (ES)

Jordi Ballester presented at the Odoo Spanish Days 2018 in Sevilla how to set up MIS Builder in order to create financial KPI's for your company (video in Spanish)


  RMA Operations and Repair use cases

In this talk by Aarón Henríquez at Odoo Experience 2019 we will learn how to manage possible use cases in different types of repair flows.

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