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ForgeFlow Demand Driven for Odoo Workshop

Thanks to this workshop, you will be able to apply all the knowledge of DDMRP on a daily basis in your company.

Demand Driven Planner Online Training (4 sesions)

+ ForgeFlow Demand Driven Platform (4 hours training + 3 months free access)
        - DDMRP (Demand Driven MRP) Compliant 
- DDOM (Demand Driven Operating Model) Compliant 
- DDS&OP (Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning Compliant) 



Meet the lecturers

Jordi Ballester 

ForgeFlow CEO

Jordi Ballester is currently CEO of ForgeFlow. He is a Certified Demand Driven Planner, and co-author of the Demand Driven Institute compliant software ForgeFlow.

Lois Rilo

Odoo Consultant
at ForgeFlow

Lois Rilo is a consultant at ForgeFlow. He is a certifier on Demand Driven Planner and co-author of ForgeFlow software that meets the certification of the Demand Driven Institute. Lois has been involved in several DDMRP implementations for manufacturing companies.

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