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On-Time In-Full (OTIF) Key Performance Indicator

OTIF or On-Time In-Full is a key performance indicator (KPI) used in supply chain management and logistics. It measures the efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment.

OTIF assesses the extent to which deliveries are made to customers at the right time and with the correct quantity and quality of goods.

The goal of OTIF is to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and efficiency in supply chain operations.

In the following video, Jordi Ballester further explains this KPI, and how it is used in our Business Games using Odoo ERP. The video also introduces other concepts such as how to track the evolution of historical stock levels and their valuation, and how maintaining stock buffers are a key requisite to maintaining the desired OTIF rates.


Contact us if you want to know how can this KPI be applied in your business.

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