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Success Stories - AuST Group

Digitalizing the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

About AuST Group

The AuST Group specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices, with a focus on novel technologies and clinical needs. They operate through two primary services: R&D and Manufacturing. In manufacturing, they produce everything from sub-assemblies to fully finished medical devices, excelling in areas such as cardiovascular catheters and minimally invasive devices.

The company's approach emphasizes agility in the early stages of product development and aims to provide scalable manufacturing solutions. They integrate a variety of advanced technologies in their manufacturing processes, including hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, automated catheter manufacturing, and various high-precision fabrication techniques​.

AuST Group is also deeply involved in the regulatory aspects of medical device production, offering support through the complex pathways of regulatory approvals and clinical trials. This includes preparation and support for FDA submissions and ensuring compliance with quality standards​.

Their expertise covers a broad range of clinical areas, but they have a particular focus on cardiovascular health and minimally invasive techniques. This specialized focus is supported by their extensive experience and comprehensive technological capabilities, which allow them to address specific clinical challenges effectively.

ForgeFlow's Journey with the AuST Group

ForgeFlow started working with AuST Group in 2018, and since then has assisted the medical manufacturing company to provide the best ERP plaform that would support their operations and to prepare for the company's growth plans. ForgeFlow has participated in projects such as the implementation of ForgeFlow's Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system integrated within Odoo, the automation of warehouse operations using handheld scanners, implememented product traceability and worked to ensure regulatory compliance, or migrating the ERP platform to newer versions.

ForgeFlow offers a unique combination of excellent technical expertise and being able to understand what we're trying to do in areas such as inventory management, finance and accounting or shop floor control.

Christian S. Eversull, MD
Co-Founder and Principal

Transforming Production Planning

In response to Aust Group's growing need for an efficient, scalable system to manage their complex manufacturing and supply chain operations, we introduced ForgeFlow's MRP engine integrated within Odoo. The MRP module introduced several key features:

  • Planning: Using data from the Bill of Materials, inventory levels, confirmed supply orders and forecasted demand, the MRP creates time-phased plans on when and how much to manufacture and/or purchase for finished products, assemblies and components, ensuring optimal inventory levels.

  • Rescheduling: Considering changes in forecasted or actual demand, or existing supply orders, the MRP system recommends what orders to reschedule in order to align supply and demand.

Streamlining Warehouse Operations with Handheld Barcode Scanners

Handheld barcode scanners provide a quick and reliable method for tracking inventory as it moves through the warehouse. These devices are designed to significantly reduce human error that comes from manual data entry and increase the speed of operations.

Each item’s journey through the warehouse, from receiving to shipping, is now tracked with precision. This traceability is crucial for managing inventory more effectively, improving overall supply chain management.

Meeting medical device regulatory compliance requirements

In the medical device industry, ensuring regulatory compliance stands as one of the most challenging and critical tasks for manufacturers. The path to compliance is fraught with complexities that can vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another. There are several key challenges that can impact the speed to market and overall success of the company's medical products.

Achieving compliance involves extensive testing and validation processes, preparation of detailed documentation.

ForgeFlow has been helping the AuST Group in areas such as testing and validation processes, product traceability, as well as preparing documentation, in connection with the ERP system.

Our Shared Story

Get to know more about the AuST Group and how ForgeFlow has helped this company from the testimonial of Christian S. Eversull, MD., Co-Founder and Principal at the AuST Group.


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