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Introducing Babaria Robotics Business Game

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Join us in the Onboarding of the Babaria Robotics Business Game

Join us for an interactive and educational event to learn about Babaria Robotics Business Game. Babaria Robotics is a comprehensive business simulation game that allows you to experience the challenges and opportunities of running a robotics company.

This game focuses on teaching you the key concepts of Material Resource Planning (MRP) and how to effectively use it to plan and manage production.

In addition to MRP, the game provides an overview of the ERP system and how it can be used to manage sales, purchases, and manufacturing operations.

This is a great opportunity to improve business performance. During the event you will:

- Learn how to get started with the Babaria Robotics Business Game.

- You will get access to our comprehensive video tutorials.

- You will get access to our real-world environments. 

Babaria Robotics

Play our business game.
Learn MRP strategies with Babaria Robotics, the comprehensive business simulation game for mastering production planning and management.

Fecha y Hora
16 de febrero de 2023
10:00 11:00 Europe/Madrid

ForgeFlow, S.L.

Rosselló 319, 6-1
08037 Barcelona
(+34) 93 694 04 85
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ForgeFlow, S.L.

(+34) 93 694 04 85

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