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From Eficent to ForgeFlow
Jordi Ballester (CEO)

Since December 11th 2019 Eficent has been rebranded as ForgeFlow.

With the new brand name we intend to reflect that our primary focus is to help organizations promote their flow of materials and information by the introduction of tools and methodologies. This decision has been greatly influenced by our journey in the last years into the Demand Driven MRP methodology, as well as the concepts of Theory of Constraints developed by Dr. Goldratt.

An organization where materials and information Flows correctly will see it's Throughput increased, which directly translates into less working capital and improved Return Of Investment (ROI).

But most often, Flow will not occur naturally in an organization, unless there's an effort directed towards systematically identifying the bottlenecks and reducing or eliminating them using various possible tools and methodologies. This is where we introduce the word Forge

A Forge is a fireplace designed to allow a fire to be controlled such that metal introduced to the fire may be brought to a malleable state.

Our company creates, like the Forge does, the necessary conditions where an organisation's information and materials can be brought to a state where they can better Flow.

And we intend to Forge this Flow by introducing the tools (Software, IoT devices, Methodologies,...) that are aligned with this principle.

Jordi Ballester Alomar 

CEO of ForgeFlow

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