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    Connected with the World

    We love to share what we do and connect with the world. Odoo recognizes our quality and has been accepting our talk proposals since 2014. We are by now the Odoo partner with most talks delivered at the Odoo Experience & Odoo Connect events.


    Earned Value Management

    Feedback is critical to the success of any project. 

    Timely and targeted feedback can enable project managers to identify problems early and make adjustments that can keep a project on time and budget. In this scenario, Earned Value Management has proven itself to be one of the most effective performance measurement and feedback tools for managing projects. It can help illuminate where a project is and where it is going - as compared to where it was supposed to be and where it was supposed to be going. 

    Adrià Gil presented at Odoo Experience 2019 the benefits of applying the Earned Value Management Technique used in Project Management.

    In this video Adrià presents in Odoo an example of a problematic project, and tries to answer the following questions: 

    - Are we ahead or behind schedule? 

    - How efficiently are we using our time? 

    - When is the project likely to be completed? 

    - Are we currently over or under our budget? 

    - How efficiently are we using our resources? 

    - What is the entire project likely to cost? 

    - How much will we be under or over budget at the end? 

    We will then review how the project was planned, executed and measured to get to the results shown.

    Improve Your Inventory Accuracy with a Cycle Count Program

    Jordi Ballester presented during Odoo Connect 2019 in San Francisco a talk about implementing a Cycle Count Program using Odoo.

    - What is a cycle count program: basically, to conduct more frequent and smaller counts on the warehouses.    

    - Why apply a cycle count program: to eliminate the need to do end of year physical inventories and improve the accuracy of inventory and reliability of the inventory records.    

    - How to apply a cycle count program: how to configure it, how to plan counts and how to perform them.    

    You should understand what it is and why you should apply a cycle count program in order to assess whether it may be interesting. If so, you'll also end with the basic knowledge needed to start applying it to your warehouses with our app. 


    Become Demand Driven with DDMRP

    Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is an innovative methodology for planning and inventory management that incorporates concepts from Lean, ToC, Six Sigma and MRP.

    This allows organizations to align their production and their supply to the market demand, enabling better and faster decision making, both at operational and strategic levels.

    In an increasingly variable and volatile environment, all organizations in a supply chain are affected by the "bullwhip effect". Unpredictable demand signals, increasing SKUs, shorter customer tolerance, longer Lead Times, and lots of customizations... these are only a few of the factors that describe the reality of the 21st century.

    DDMRP rises up as an answer to this complex scenario.

    In this talk presented at Odoo Connect 2019 in San Francisco Jordi Ballester explains how this methodology will allow you to understand the basic concepts of Demand Driven MRP and how they are applied in Odoo. 

    Purchase Requests: Advanced Purchasing Made Easy

    Purchase Requests have been helping Odoo users communicate their requirements for materials and/or external services for years. 

    In Odoo's Purchase Request application, from the requesting user's perspective, it is very easy to know when the requested products purchase is started and when the products are received. 

    For the Purchase Department, it is sometimes a bit more complex. Users from different departments may require the same product for very similar dates. The Purchase Request application provides many filters so that Purchase Managers can easily know what is pending to be Purchased. However, Purchase managers were unable to see which user or department had received the parts. Moreover, purchase managers would have needed to know the specific user or department making the purchase, and the quantity they ordered.

    In this new version of the application, all of the above is possible. Purchase Requests App will now manage the quantities allocated in a specific purchase request. And we can relate them to a specific user, a specific department or a specific project.  

    Aarón Henríquez presented this Talk at Odoo Experience 2019.


    Tier Validation Workflows

    As every organization grows, they need more control over their operations and processes. This is not always easy and validation processes may differ between different companies. There needs to be a way  to easily adapt and customize the validation workflows for each Odoo implementation, 

    In this talk delivered by Lois Rilo at Odoo Experience 2019, you will learn what Tier Validations Workflows are, why they are important and useful, and how to implement them in your own company.    

    Tier Validation Workflows is a development done some years ago, but that is still active and evolving. Its main objective is to provide a base engine to add custom validation workflows to potentially any document in Odoo. It is easily and highly customizable There are currently several integrations available (Purchases, Purchase Requests, Stock Requests...).    

    MIS Builder for the Financial Analysis

    Jordi Ballester presented at the Odoo Spanish Days 2018 in Sevilla how to set up MIS Builder in order to create financial KPI's for your company (video in Spanish)


    RMA Operations and Repair use cases

    In this talk delivered by Aarón Henríquez during Odoo Experience 2019 we will learn how to handle all the possible use cases by using the different repair types:

    - With/without warranty

    - Internal repair

    - Refurbish repair.

    We will go inside logistics. Explaining how people at the warehouse will handle the stock move:

    - Receiving the product from customer

    - Sending the components to the work station

    - Prepare the repaired product to be shipped

    Additionally, we will go over the accounting implications of all operations involved:

    - Returns. Accounts that will intervene.

    - Consumed materials.

    - Repaired product added costs.

    - Labor and Overhead costs

    We will see that the RMA application handles all those complex use cases by making them simple and how the application fits Odoo perfectly. The RMA application is currently available in Odoo v12 in both community and enterprise versions.