Time & Attendance Logging

Because employees are accessing the office or plant with their badge, their in and out times are easily tracked and recorded.

Automating the tracking of employee clock in and out times makes it easy for your administration team to process payroll with accuracy while saving time.

Whether it is an office, manufacturing plant or any workplace setup that requires employees to punch in and out, our system delivers precise logging that is passive to the employee.

iot integration with odoo

Designed to work with Odoo

We design devices that directly exchange data with your Odoo , so that you don't have to worry about messy integrations that can break data integrity and produce tons of headaches.

iot integration with odoo

Simple to set up, using your mobile

Connect to the device from your mobile using it's built in Wifi, and define the Odoo server that you want the device to talk to.

Open Bill of Materials

Because we love open source, we publish the Bill of Materials of this product.

See below the details and feel free to navigate through it.

Product Quantity
RAS PLA Case 1.000000
RAS PLA Wall Mount 1.000000
RAS PLA Button cover 2.000000
RAS PLA Lid 1.000000
RAS PLA Wedge A 1.000000
Raspberry Pi Zero W 1.000000
SD Card 8 GB 1.000000
OLED Display 1,3” I2C 1.000000
TTP224 - 4 Capacitive Buttons 1.000000
Buzzer module 3.5-5 V 1.000000
Jumper Wires Female to Female 10cm 18.000000
RFID-RC522 1.000000