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Train your MRP skills with Babaria Robotics Business Game. 

Babaria Robotics is a business simulation game created by Forgeflow that allows players to experience the challenges and opportunities of running a robots manufacturer.
The game focuses on teaching players the key concepts of Material Resource Planning (MRP) and how to effectively use it to plan and manage production.

In addition to MRP, the game also provides an overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and how they can be used to manage sales, purchases, and manufacturing operations.

Overall, Babaria Robotics provides a comprehensive learning experience for anyone interested in understanding the inner workings of a manufacturing company and the importance of effective planning and management.

It is a powerful tool for learning the intricacies of MRP and ERP system and how they can be used to improve business performance.

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Learn MRP strategies with Babaria Robotics, the comprehensive business simulation game for mastering production planning and management.

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