Connect the physical and digital worlds with smart devices

We aim to design, produce and deliver smart IoT devices that allow a simple and seamless integration between the physical world and Odoo.

IoT odoo integration

Designed to work with Odoo

We design devices that directly exchange data with your Odoo , so that you don't have to worry about messy integrations that can break data integrity and produce tons of headaches.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful design

Physical objects should be beautiful and well designed for the purpose they serve.

We take care of all the design aspects so that the devices are compact, beautiful and easy to set up.

Open Source Design

Open source

The hardware and software designs that we make are released under open source licenses.

We believe that with an open and collaborative mindset we serve better to our customers, and our engineers are happier.

Employee Time and Attendance

Employee Time & Attendance Control System

Minimize work disruption by using a simple method to clock-in/out

Obtain reports in Odoo about the employee productivity

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