Eficent.io Demand Driven MRP


Unleash the full potential of your supply-chain with our fully Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) compliant solution, with support from top level Demand Driven Planner endorsed instructors.

Reduce your inventory levels

Typical DDMRP implementations result in 30-70% inventory reductions, even in environments of high variability and volatility. Because DDMRP self adjusts the inventory levels to what your customers need, with no excess or shortages, right sizing your inventory levels.

Provide outstanding customer service levels

Even in complex environments with high supply and demand variability, with complex Bills of Materials, DDMRP achieves great service levels minimizing stockouts. Typical results of DDMRP implementations result in 90-95% service levels.

Compress lead times

The strategic use of inventory helps you achieve improved stability and velocity in your system, allowing you to compress your lead times, which translates to happier customers.

Decrease obsolete inventory

DDMRP self adjusts the inventory to actual demand, reducing the chances to stockpile obsolete products.

Less expediting expenses

Avoid the expediting costs typically associated with re-planning when you realize that you actual demand is way off from your forecast.

Cross-company alignment to Flow

Provides clear signals to all departments on the actions required to maximize the flow of materials to the customer, to improve your company's ROI.

Happier users

Eficent.io provides a great user experience, allowing them to focus on what's important at all times: to run the business.

            Variance Analysis, Projections and Simulations

            Variance Analysis model allows to you reflect on the past performance of the model in order to improve your processes.

            Projections and Simulations allow you to project the Operating Model into the future, in different scenarios, allowing you to: 

            - Provide forecast information to your suppliers

            - Identify future capacity problems

            - Identify future working capital requirements

            Odoo • Text and Image
            Odoo • Image and Text

            Buffer status alerts

            Early warnings on potential stockouts on buffers in the next days help users take action and guarantee full material availability for operations and to customers.


            Easy maintenance of buffer profiles & levels

            Maintain all the parameters of your buffers and view the buffer levels within a single screen.

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            DDMRP Compliant

            Eficent.io has been thoroughly analyzed by the Demand Driven Institute, and has successfully achieved the Demand Driven MRP Compliant status.

            Based on Odoo

            4 Million people grow their business with Odoo.  We are one of the most recognized Odoo Integrators worldwide, with +350 apps published and multiple implementations done worldwide. DDMRP is fully embedded into the Odoo framework, providing a seamless integration between all business functions.

            Certified Instructors

            Our Certified Demand Driven Planner Instructors will help your company successfully become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.

            Starting from $99/month

            Including all you need to become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

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