Become Now a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) model is an organizational structure and operating method designed for complex and volatile circumstances that define today's supply chain environments. At it's core it uses the DDMRP engine.

ForgeFlow is an Affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute (DDI), and we are endorsed by the DDI as certified Demand Driven Planner Instructors. Our software ForgeFlow is DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP Compliant. We have completed successful implementations of DDMRP worldwide.

We deliver an Integral Program to help you to transform to a Demand Driven Enterprise.

demand driven adaptive enterprise

Understand the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model

Our certified Demand Driven Instructors will provide you the keys to get you stated on the journey to become a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.

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Implement DDOM with

Implement the Demand Driven Operating Model

ForgeFlow Demand Driven software implements all tools required to support the full Demand Driven Operating Model and Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning, and meets the compliance requirements by the Demand Driven Institute with regards to DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP compliance levels.

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